Photography Workshops

Photography is an enjoyable and easily accessible form of creativity that can address issues that many people find difficult to discuss. For this reason it is a great tool to use in workshops with groups from any section of the community. Here are a few examples of how photography or photography workshops have worked in the past

Exchanging Perceptions

A collaborative photography project with over 20 participants using disposable cameras to explore issues of identity and division in their own communities. Inner East is a term that describes communities living close to “peace lines” which mark the boundaries between Short Strand and its neighbouring predominantly Protestant / unionist communities. Short Strand is a predominantly Catholic / nationalist community on the inner-city edge of predominantly Protestant / unionist East Belfast. Using photography this project set out to facilitate groups of hard-to-reach young people, sometimes at risk of involvement in problem antisocial behaviour in Inner East Belfast and also in Outer West Belfast, as well as adult residents, to address issues relating to conflict and division. They met through a facilitated contact program, to identify and exchange perspectives and attitudes regarding their identities, and to develop positive relationships. This was a Belfast Interface Project supported by European Regional Development Fund Peace III Programme and Belfast City Council.

Inner East

Inner East Belfast is a divided community, with a Loyalist Protestant housing surrounding a small Nationalist Catholic area. For many years since as the peace process has progressed in many ares of Nortehn Ireland this area has remained divided with continued violence. This is a collection of photographs taken by local people from from both sides the community. These photographs provide a fascinating record of three areas of Inner East Belfast and a rare opportunity for all of us to engage with representations made by local people of their community. No matter who you are, or where you are from, there will be things here you recognize and things you cannot believe are part of the story of Inner East Belfast.

Download a copy of the book here

New Mossley

New Mossley is a housing estate on the north side of Belfast, it has a strong Loyalist identity and a high rate of unemployment. Over a number of weeks a group of teenagers based in the local community house worked to produce photographs for and exhibition.The images dealt with how we look at our own environment and how we want to be seen

Radio Interviews