Journeys and Encounters

In the mid 1990’s in the wake of the paramilitary ceasfires which saw an end to over 30 years of the “Troubles” loyalist protestant marches became a very contentious issue. 

These photographs were all taken during these turbulent times, not focusing on the violence or the political statments but instead looking at the detail and colour. How do the symbols and textures of an organisation explain or confuse the issues of its members, and how do use these elements to see beyond the surface at the issues of identity in a modern culture that is seeking to define itself. 

Many parades resulted in violence between Loyalist Protestants and Nationalist Catholics. As a result the Orange order who were responssable for the organising of the majority of these marches came under close scrutiny. Did they represent the feelings of the Loyalist Protestant people of Ireland or were they an outdated sudopolitocal organisation. What was the meaning of their costumes and traditions of this secret order. 


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