This is a small selection of the work in the Liminal project which is is due to be published early 2017. For more details about the project, exhibition and publication fill in your details below and we'll keep you up to date.

“By opting for an empty space over an object, they sought to protect that which can never be rendered visible. Rejecting any positive images that might become a Golden Calf.” 

Extract from the book introduction Photographing the Void: Craters in the Clay of Being, by Peter Rollins

A journey through the murky marrow of the sacred. It is to “to strip away the intricate simulacra of clarity that infest modern philosophy and religious reflection.” It is to wake up from our enlightenment coma, and realise that the demon was Descartes all along.

Extract from, Very Little, Ultimately Nothing by David Capener

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Rev Cyril Scott

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